What’s next from Naomi Novik, Peter V. Brett, and Scott Westerfeld

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At New York Comic Con's Del Rey/Spectra panel, some of the imprints' most popular authors — including Naomi Novik, Scott Westerfeld, and Peter V. Brett — hinted at what to expect next.


Naomi Novik didn't offer too many details about Crucible of Gold, the next installment in her Temeraire series, but she is really excited about exploring her alternate-history Incas:

In the Temeraire universe, the Inca were not conquered because they had their own dragon aerial forces who resisted the conquistadors. They've been hanging around in the background, quietly unmentioned, but in this one I finally got a chance to go and play with them.

It's the 7th book in the series, which means "we're in the downhill slope, headed towards the conclusion of the series," which will end with book 9. Crucible of Gold hits shelves in March 2012.

Peter V. Brett did her one better by reading a brand new page from his work in progress, The Daylight War (the third book in his Demon cycle). It was a fight scene, wherein Arlen and Renna come upon a village that's completely destroyed by demons. They sit and wait for night to fall so they can avenge the slain villagers — and as they wait, they get steadily drunk on the powerful local liquor. When the demons do arrive, they engage in a bit of friendly martial one-upmanship. Brett also offered a bit more of what to expect:

The main focus character for the third book is going to be Inevra, the wife of Ahmann Jardir. She's going to get the full childhood-to-adulthood POV treatment, then it's going to sync back up with regular events. Most of Jardir's action are going to be witnessed through her or through Gavin and most of Arlen's actions are going to be witnessed either through Leesha or Renna, until the end when Jardir and Arlen meet again for the first time, which is going to be a blast.

Scott Westerfeld also explained what's different about the graphic novel adaptation of Uglies — it's from the perspective of Shay, Tally's "benighted sidekick who gets so many raw deals in the original trilogy." He said:

Shay's story starts six months before Tally's does.... Shay and Zane were friends were friends back when they were both Uglies and they were going to run away to the Smoke together and supposedly they chickened out. Well, that's just what they told Tally. The real story is much more complicated.


He also hinted at the look of the book:

But there are many codes within manga styles to create characters who are ugly versus pretty.... the Pretties are always beautifully coifed and there's always that mystical manga wind blowing their hair the right way.


And for Ben Aaronovitch fans: Don't worry, the third book is coming. Editor-in-chief Betsy Mitchell called this "One of those cases where I need a 3,000-mile-long stick so I can reach across the Atlantic and bash him in London." The author had finished the manuscript but his beta readers apparently discovered a gaping plot hope — necessitating a big rewrite that pushed everything back six months. But hopefully the next book, Whispers Underground, will hit the shelves sometime in June.



"we're in the downhill slope" is true in more ways then one. Temeraire started off strong, but each book has been worse then the one before. Almost as if as Novik expanded her milieu, the material thinned out instead of built up.

I wish Westerfeld would do some more non-YA stuff.