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What’s the Most Obnoxious Way to Sign Emails?

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The etiquette around work email is still evolving. If the Sony hacks taught us anything, it's that even high-profile executives and celebrities are — let's call it extremely informal in their email writing styles. What's the worst email signoff you've ever seen?


I don't know how to sign my emails. When I'm writing to friends, I usually just stop typing whenever and send it along. They know who it's from.

Do you guys sign your emails at all? And if you do, how do you do it? And, most importantly, are there any email sign-offs or default signatures that make you want to hurl your laptop into a frothing ocean of diarrhea fire?


One objectively horrible way to sign off is to include an extremely long e-mail signature, or an email signature that brags about what kind of device you have. We found this gem a few years ago:

Illustration for article titled What’s the Most Obnoxious Way to Sign Emails?

That is awful. But my most hated email sign-off isn't even a default signature. It's not even when people add some trite inspiration quote they misattribute to Marilyn Monroe!

I can'tstand it when people sign their emails with "Best." Best what? Best wishes? Best of luck? Best buds? The ambiguity inspires dread. The whole thing is a cloaked declaration of superiority: [I am the] Best. It is the most arrogant way to sign your emails. It may be, in fact, even worse than tooting your own horn about your choice of device at the end of every email.


Maybe I'm wrong though. Maybe there are even more obnoxious ways to sign off, and you guys have been keeping them a secret this whole time. Let me know.



Sent via my iTampon lol

"If you can't handle me when I'm at my best, you also don't deserve me at my best!" - Marilyn Manson


(Image by Jim Cooke)

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Annalee Newitz

The kind of signature I hate most is "spare the trees — don't print this email out." Either that, or "This email and its contents are property of X corporation and cannot be read without agreeing to our mind-bogglingly stupid list of baseless legal threats."