What Technology of Yours Is About To Break?

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My iPhone 5s is livin’ on a prayer.

Technology, by its nature, can become obsolete as formats change and new inventions take the place of old. Some tech-oriented people love nothing more than being first in line for the shiniest new product, while others, out of cost, familiarity or skill in keeping parts chugging along, hold onto our machines for many years. I have a friend who uses a 2006 original MacBook as his primary TV hub, and another who lives to work on vintage motorcycles, ensuring that they will never really die.

My iPhone 5s is a few years old and has survived several shattered screens, but every day it seems to grow more curmudgeonly. Its latest screen-replacement has come slightly loose so that I can glimpse bright light leaking out along the edges. I live in fear and with the reality that it may soon be time to say goodbye.

Which of your tech toys—or essentials—feels like it’s on its last legs? Is there any hope for restoration or have you begun to look for its successor?


Image: Shutterstock. Mine’s not quite there. Yet.

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My iPhone 5 is pretty far gone. It shuts itself off when the battery gets anywhere between 20-40%, and it discharges 10% every hour regardless of if I’m using it or not. The worst part is, the lightning cable needs to be in the ~exact~ right spot to charge, which I can usually only find by watching the battery on the screen turn green... so when I accidentally let my phone die, I have to spend a long time fiddling with the cable to hopefully get it to charge enough to turn on.

There are other problems too, but those are the worst. I’d replace it now, except I know there’s a new phone only a few months away...