In the early 1900s, Ladies Home Journal thought the future would bring a lot of things. The predictions sound funny and old timey, sure, but you know what? Even though we haven't eradicated flies and mosquitos (yet!), a lot of them came true. Including these five:

  • Hot and cold air from spigots: Suck it, past. Warm baths are a thing now.
  • There will be air-ships: Ever heard of planes?
  • To England in two days: Speaking of planes, try seven hours or less.
  • Trains will go 150 miles per hour: Yup, Japan's Shinkansen goes up to 186 miles per hour.
  • Telephones around the world: The internet would have blown the minds of the Ladies Home Journal


Here's hoping we can cross a few more off the list by 2112. [Reddit via BuzzFeed]