What the Hell Is Going on in This Complaint About DraftKings to the FTC?

(Image: Scott Olson/Getty Images)
(Image: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Last week we looked at some of the consumer complaints filed with the FTC about daily fantasy sports sites DraftKings and FanDuel. We noticed a pattern of complaints about weak cybersecurity and reported on it. But there were other complaints that we didn’t publish. Many are run-of-the-mill complaints that you’d expect about any online business. But one in particular was just baffling.

The complaint in question was filed in July of 2015 from someone in New Jersey about DraftKings. And it’s truly strange. I just wish we could find the person who made it. The FTC keeps the identities of people making complaints secret before releasing documents via FOIA request.

In the beginning of the complaint it seems like it could be from any other delusional weirdo who got banned for violating the DraftKings terms of service. But slowly a narrative emerges alleging that documents were signed to get a “dispute closed out,” and that the person making the complaint says they won’t be bringing a lawsuit. For what? We don’t know.


The person making the complaint even says that they haven’t told friends or family about what happened—hinting to the reader that this is super duper sensitive stuff. Stranger still, it appears the person was perhaps writing articles about Major League Baseball for the site, and that “both sides” have apologized. But we never learn what anyone apologized for!

The complaint is below. All grammatical and formatting errors have been retained.

Long story short we had a disagreement that escalated after spoken words. Not going into details. Both sides are at fault here, and both know what they did wrong, and what lines you just don’t cross, but crossed them. As a result my account got banned. I done everything they asked, and signed all documents requested to get a dispute closed out. Irritates me that they also have a section in their rules the clearly states you can not have more then 1 account but I have a friend lucky enough to make a lot of money and uses 2 accounts, and he did not get suspended. I get perm. Banned for what I did when it could have been prevented had some words not been said.I just want my account back open. I have not done anything what so ever to try and harm draftkings outside of the dispute. I have not went out crying to the media lawyerd up Twitter rampage or anything like that. This is my first time even telling someone about this. I have not even told friends or family members about it. Out of respect, and in my eyes the right thing to do was to keep this to my self. I been more then willing to help them out to resolve things in their favor, and I may still have the email that states if you sign this release/authorization form it will help and may let you play again. That was not the case as they said no sorry u opened a charge back dispute we won’t let you play anymore even though that form gave me leverage, but I respect that decision. I think it’s only fair to give me 1 final last chance. If I was out to do any harm I would not be asking for forgiveness, fresh start, and to play again rather then out crying to the world trying to make them look bad. That’s not who I am at least in my eyes someone that wants to hurt another would be doing things like going public or lawsuits or what ever scum bags do these days. I am willing to start on a fresh new account and surrender all the rewards points and free entry’s into qualifiers and what ever else tickets I had left as well the lowest deposits limit to build that trust up. What’s done is done, and In the past I apologized, they apologized we both made bad moves that lead to the final result. If I had a grudge I would not be out willing to do business again, and I have even been considering going back to writing articles specifically for their website on pitchers for MLB, and anything else. I would not be talking highly, and able to even talk or consider doing things that can help them out again if I write up articles anymore if I was upset with them. I just want a new fresh start.As said before I helped them putting in over time any way I could, and the favor returned was not allowing me to play. I could have chose to do nothing ignore everything and let the bank do what they do. By working with them I saved a lot of stress and unnecessary expenses, and time for both sides, so to me I would think that also means a lot. I’m just not the type of person to try and always get over on someone t

....and that’s where the meat of the complaint provided to Gizmodo gets cut off. That’s right, all this weirdness and we never learn what the hell they’re talking about.

Do you have any idea what’s going on here? Are you the person who filed this complaint? Get in touch. Fill in some of the holes for us and solve this mystery.


Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

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Very Little Gravitas Indeed

Angry customer escalates to credible threats of violence, company threatens legal action, guy says “Whoah, whoah, we both got out of line here...” and signs on the dotted line to say he won’t go near them and they won’t file charges? Feels plausible.