What Weinergate Did To Congressional Tweeting

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How are the almost 400 hundred members of Congress with Twitter accounts responding to the Weinergate scandal?


These elected officials aren't using the social platform to take a stand for or against Weiner, they are running scared. According to TweetCongress, a site that monitors the twitter usage of Congressional members, tweets from both Republicans and Democrats have fallen 30% since the Weinergate scandal broke.

Just look at those numbers. The day before Weiner made his infamous tweet, Congress members sent over 1100 tweets. The day after the news broke, this number had fallen to just under 300. Now who's the one saying Twitter isn't influential? [Mashable]



Also, what the fuck. Why do people feel the need to take pictures of their naked motherfucking selves and, against all better judgement, post them online? I don't get that.