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Wi-Fi's all around you. Chances are you're in the middle of a big blanket of it right now, as you're reading this. But what does it look like? Well, nothing; it's invisible. But if it wasn't it might look a little something like this.


Austrian artist and architect Peter Jellitsch is fascinated by the invisible forces around us. He's explored electromagnetic fields, wind, and now's he's tackled Wi-Fi. for his new project, Bleecker Street Documents, Jellitsch used a used a radio-wave-measuring device to record the ins and outs of the Wi-Fi in a New York City apartment over 45 days. He then plotted the data points on a canvas, rasing and lowering the peaks depending on the strength of the Wi-Fi signal at any given time.

The result is an unconventional, but nonetheless awesome representation of a Wi-Fi signal, over time, in real, 3D space. It's not an exact depiction of what Wi-Fi "looks like" but what could be? You can find out more about Jellitsch's project at his website. [Peter Jellitsch via Co.Design]


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