Most of us increasingly read digitally—and the book store industry is in decline as a result. But can you imagine a future where book stores had died out completely?

This video, directed by Richard Dadd and Dan Fryer of British creative studio The Bakery, tells the story of a boy who stumbles upon the last remaining bookshop. The directors explain:

We love bookshops. But we saw that many are going through tough times. We wanted to contribute to the cultural debate with our own celebration in support of these glorious independents and their shelves of treasures. So with the help of some remarkable independent bookshops, and a lot of talented friends, we have been able to make our idea for The Last Bookshop into a reality.


The result is thought-provoking and, on occasion, amusing. It's enough to make me run out and buy a paperback right now. [The Last Bookshop via Laughing Squid via Digg]

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