What's Happening at Apple's NYC Media Event This Month?

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All Things D reports that Apple is planning an event in NYC later this month that will focus on a "media-related announcement."


We don't know exactly what that means, but AllThingsD says it won't be related to the rumored Apple TV or the iPad—the last event Apple did in NY was launch the Daily, though, and we suspect it'll be related to iTunes or some kind of publishing deal. [AllThingsD]


Maybe it's just me...but unless it is some new tech product, or a major upgrade to an existing one, does anyone really give a shit?

I mean, let's say the revamp the iTunes platform to enable you to play apps through the iTunes interface*. Would that really matter to most people? I certainly wouldn't care, and can't believe most would care.

*Caveat: It is possible you can play apps through iTunes interface, I am not a music person so I haven't even opened up my iTunes in a few years, and always ignore the Saturday "Update Now" thing.