What's the Battery Like on the Nintendo 3DS?

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That's the question everyone keeps asking Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft, who bought a 3DS on the Japanese launch day. You can read all about his battery findings here: [Kotaku]

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David Green

Off topic (so feel free to delete this) but what is with all the damn butthurt over the new layout? Firstly, the Gawker network has only been using it for like a month, so there's bound to be some growing pains, but now people are bringing up the most stupid shit complaints, "OH GOD WHY DO I HAVE TO CLICK THE LINK IN THE ARTICLE TO GO TO THE ORIGINAL KOTAKU POST!?" Seriously, shut the hell up. If you can't manage to move your hand that fraction of an inch to place your coursor over the link, and press down a few millimeters on your mouse to open said link then you are bad at interneting.

And I'm not trying to defend the new layout, because it has it's problems, but shit people if you're going to complain at least make it a substative.

okay /Rant. 3DS looks cool