What's The Sassiest Answer Your Digital Assistant Ever Gave You?

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No, people did not suddenly become obsessed with calculus today, wanting to know the answer to an controversial math equation. Aaron Paul seems to have discovered an Easter egg on Siri that quickly tore up the internet.

In a widely shared tweet, Paul urged his followers to ask Siri a question that many mathematicians believe there is no answer to:


Apparently neither does Siri, who skirts the question with a clever one-liner. I won’t give it away, but even if you don’t have an iPhone you can check the answer pretty much anywhere else on the internet.

Apple’s not the only company embedding goofy Easter eggs into the answers of its digital assistants; Cortana and Google Now both have their fair share of inside jokes as well. As creepy as they may be, these are usually pretty funny as the robotic deadpan voices pretty much nail the delivery every time.

What’s your favorite answer you’ve ever received from a digital assistant? It could be an Easter egg or just something hilarious you got him/her/it to say. Bonus points if you can share something the rest of us can reproduce ourselves.