What's the Single Weirdest YouTube Video You've Ever Seen?

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Beneath the internet's cat and listicle-embedded candy coating is an abundance of dark, seedy underbellies just bursting with some of the weirdest, most bizarre creations mankind hath ever wrought. And what better repository for the madness than YouTube?

If you make your way past the laughing babies and Roomba-riding pets, you'll likely happen upon quite a few videos that defy all logic and reason.

Or perhaps you'll stumble upon the bizarrely heartbreaking.

Or even a few you're probably happier knowing nothing about.

The chasmal depths of weird YouTube run far too deep for any one man to conquer on his own, so we implore you, dear readers, to help us compile a collection of the most bizarre, hilarious, weird, and absurd YouTube videos you have ever stumbled across.


Let's try to keep it relatively clean/non-nightmare-inducing—the world is full of enough horrible things as it is. We'll pick the top 15-ish winners after we've gathered a good set. And godspeed.