What's the Weirdest Computer Mouse You've Ever Seen?

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Touchpads suck. They are obviously and infinitely inferior to the glory of the mouse. But that doesn't mean there's not any room for innovation in mouse-world. Plenty of folks have tried to improve on perfection with ergonomic-y joystick-like tricks and other strange tweaks. What's the weirdest one you've ever come across?

Some of them turn the idea of a hand-controlled pointing device upside down, others just look really really strange. We're looking for both. Above is something called the Rockstick 2, and it's a pretty good example.

For easy readability please follow this format for entries:

[Picture of the mouse]

[Any notes about how freaking weird it is and how that makes you feel inside]

[Link with more info, if available]

Let's get freaky.