What's Your Favorite Beer Label?

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The New York Times has been stepping up its beer coverage this week, with a hilarious piece on a pair of identical twin brewmasters who hate each other's guts and an equally amazing design critique of beer labels by storied graphic designer Milton Glaser.


Glaser—who is 84—is the designer of some of the world's best-known logos (like I ❤ NY) and the co-founder of New York Magazine. As you can tell from his critiques, he pulls no punches, panning Sixpoint's Resin label as "gratuitous" and Dogfish Head's 90-Minute IPA as "unpleasant" and "lumpy." But he also has praise for Ommegang Witte's refinement and Nitro's adventurousness. Firm but fair.

Glaser's comments got us thinking more about beer labels, which normally only serve as a crutch for the socially awkward among us. With both beer and wine, labels influence what we like and buy—whether you think they do or not. I'm curious what some of your favorites (or least favorites) are, so drop them in the comments below using this format:

Beer Name

[Image of label]


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