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What's Your Favorite Cookbook App?

Illustration for article titled Whats Your Favorite Cookbook App?

I've got a stack of loose paper recipe cards 18 inches tall, dozens of cookbooks, a bookmark folder jam-packed with links to Food Beast, Sunset, Bon Appetit, and enough canning ratios rattling around in my head to fill a 21-quart pot. What I don't have is a single mobile resource to digitize, organize, and store my family's four generations-worth of culinary knowledge. But maybe you do.


Have you made the jump to e-cookbooks? If so, let us know what your favorite is in the discussion below! Recommendations that let you actually input recipes—not just read someone else's—are especially welcome. [Image: cherries / Shutterstock]

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Paprika. Doesn't come with any recipes but best thought out app I have found and it runs well on iPhone, iPad & my Macbook, syncing recipes and shopping lists in the cloud....perfect.