What's Your Most Positive Tech Support Experience?

One time I called Time Warner customer service because the internet was out in my apartment. The man I spoke to was friendly. He had information about an outage in my area. He had an estimate of how long it would be before service was restored. And he was allowed to tell me that estimate.

This kind service rep even said he was making a special note of my call and gave me his full name so I could reach him again if I needed additional assistance. Out of all the unavoidable calls I've made to big corporations this was the only positive experience I've ever had. I treasure the memory.


Customer service is generally a black spot that grows and eats away at any souls in its path, but every once and awhile it can be okay. Take this exchange (excerpted above) between a customer and a Netflix service rep in which there is a productive discussion about the customer's concern PLUS totally appropriate, G-rated pirate role-play. I mean that just seems like a good time. Share your holy grail of tech support below.

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