When We All Pledged Our Love To Doctor Who

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Doctor Who fans parade around a television studio, rubbing elbows with residents of The Prisoner's Village, during a 1987 pledge break on a local PBS station. But what is the Master doing leering over that poor woman's shoulder?

If you were a U.S. Doctor Who fan — sorry, Whovian — back in the 1980s, then this will be a gateway to a forgotten past. When PBS stations were the only place to see the classic Who serials — before DVDs — fans would get dressed up and volunteer to staff the phones during pledge breaks, to keep the show on the air. I love the woman in the Prisoner outfit doing the trivia questions and accidentally reading out the answers. Actually, this seems to be one of the PBS stations that actually put fans in front of the camera, so there's no talk about "Day-leks" and the like.

The best part is the woman waving the "TIME LADY LIB" sign.

Oh, and I'm drinking out of one of those "disappearing TARDIS" mugs as I write this — but sadly, after years of hot liquids going into the thing, the TARDIS has pretty much disappeared permanently. You can just make out the outline.


Here's the rest of the pledge breaks from that evening, thanks to Emmett The Sane: