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We may earn a commission from links on this page

When You'll Get Windows Phone 7.5

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hello Windows Phone owners! Yes, Windows Phone 7.5—that's the official name now, not Mango—is getting pushed out, starting like, now. But your phone might not get them today. Or this week. Or next week!

A small subset of users are getting it immediately, and then Microsoft will slowly turn up the throttle on pushing updates to phones. The rough timing for everybody to get is gonna look like the NoDo update, but slightly quicker—so think over the next two months at the very latest, but most people should be hooked up over the next couple of weeks. Kind of a bummer, but Microsoft's trying to avoid the kind of problems it ran into with NoDO, bricked phones and the like.

The downer, really, is that there's no way—at least through Microsoft's official channels—for super eager users to force the update. You've just got pray that your time will come sooner vs. later. That said, I'm sure somebody else out there will find a way.


Update: More details here.