Where and When to Pre-Order Your iPhone 5C

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Tonight, legions will descend upon Apple's website to pre-order the new iPhone 5C. But as the sales start stacking up, the ship date will be pushed back beyond the September 20th launch. Here's everywhere else you'll be able to pre-order the phone so that you get it on day one.


Apple Store

During Tuesday's keynote, Apple announced that the iPhone 5C would be available for pre-order from its online store starting tomorrow at 3:01 AM ET/12:01 AM PT. The iPhone 5S will be available only beginning on launch day, September 20th.



The Big Daddy bigbox said it will be offering in store-only pre-orders. Line-up early for this one, because the Walmart's is offering a $20 price break on the 16 GB iPhone 5C.

Best Buy

The company's website still reads "coming soon," but a Best Buy representative confirmed that brick and mortar locations will offer in-store pre-orders for the 16 GB iPhone 5C tomorrow for its regular $100.


Radio Shack

Radio Shack offering in-store pre-orders for the 8GB iPhone 5C during regular hours beginning tomorrow for $100.




Though the company's website still says "coming soon" an AT&T representative confirmed that you'll be able to pre-order online at 3:01 AM ET. If you're really interested in showing up and pre-ordering in your local store—go right ahead.



Online orders start at 3:01 AM EST. Available in-store when they open tomorrow.


Same drill, 3:01 AM ET on the Internet, in-store during your Friday lunch break.


On keynote day, T-Mo said the iPhone 5C would be available for pre-order "on September 13th," but there's no mention of an exact time. Why not register for updates.


We'll update this listing as we learn more.




I don't get why you can't preorder the S? Are they anticipating small initial sales?

This makes it much harder for me to get one. I can't imagine my boyfriend will let me be late to this wedding we have to go to in order wait to get one.