The Budget iPhone 5C Starts at $100, Ships September 20

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The budget iPhone 5C will go for $100 for the 16GB model and $200 for 32GB with a two-year contract. The colorful cheese grater-style cases cost $29 each.


The iPhone 5C is essentially the same phone as the iPhone 5 in the specs department. The main difference is the cheap guys have colorful plastic backs rather than aluminum. And off-contract, it's not such budget device at $550 for 16GB and $650 for 32GB. Preorders for the iPhone 5C start this Friday, and the device ships a week later. So if you buy a 5C on day one, you should have it in your hands by the following Friday, September 20.

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I don't actually know how things work in America. Maybe only one mobile provider is carrying this product, or maybe all the mobile providers who are carrying it have agreed to the exact same priceplan (does that actually happen?); but unless every provider, in the world, is offering it for the same price, I feel like it's unfair to say the product starts at $100.

Those of us not in America, we can convert currencies, we can guesstimate how much additional charges we'll have to pay because we live in a different country (or just assume we won't have to pay any additional charges, because ignorance is bliss); but we can't really try to guess how pricing in America will be reflected in other countries. That's just mind-boggling.

I know this probably isn't Gizmodo's fault, Apple wants to quote the lowest price possible to make it seem super affordable, when really it's not (unless you sign two years of your life away), and the real price is buried somewhere in a press release, but please try to get the real price up as soon as possible. Until then, saying it costs $100 (or $99—there seems to be some conflict in the reporting), just feels disingenuous. I know, you haven't tried to mince words, you've made it almost as clear as you possible could without putting "on a 2-year contract" in red, flashing letters, but still, it just really pisses me off when people post "prices" of things that are only temporary prices... that are promotional... only for new customers... if you meet certain requirements... and you pass a credit check.

(Really this just comes from my experiences with the big ISPs/cable companies/mobile providers here in Canada, they almost outright refuse to tell you actual prices for things. They advertise a hell of a lot of prices, but those prices are often only for the first 12-months... if you're a new customer... and you agree to a contract of a certain length... and you also purchase other serves from them. The smaller providers, they don't screw you like that, but if want to know when Bell is actually going to charge you for something, be prepared to read through a number of hidden footnotes just to find out what the freaking price is for something. I mean seriously, how fucked up would it be if the menu at McDonalds said "Big Mac: $1", and then you go up and order one, and they're like "that'll be $6.78", and you're like "what the fuck?", and they say "yeah, that's only the promotional price if you have one of our promotional $5 off coupons... which you don't have, so it'll be $6.78", and you say "again: what the fuck, where does it say that?!", and they say "oh, it does, see that little touch of grey at the bottom? It says it there... but yeah, you'd have to be standing right next to it to see it, so obviously you can't from there, you could have asked me to provide you with the small print if you wanted to, though... but you didn't".............. And, clearly, I've gone on way to much of a rant here.)