Walmart's Already Got Discounts on iPhone 5S and 5C

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Walmart is looking to save you some money on both of the newly-introduced iPhones. It's offering a $20 discount on the iPhone 5C, and a $10 cut on the iPhone 5S.


In-store preorders for the 5C, which Walmart offers starting at $80 for the 16GB model, start on Friday, with the phone arriving on shelves September 20th. The 16GB 5S, for $190, also arrives the 20th, with no preorder option. Walmart is also joining the fray of companies offering old phone trade-in money, and once the new iPhones are out, pricing on the 4 and 4S models will drop to under one dollar. All of this is on-contract, of course. [Cnet]



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You troll any and every iPhone article on this site.

There is a new iPhone - There will be several articles - GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

There will be a new Android phone - There will be several articles - GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

The iPhone has a fingerprint scanner - This is new for Apple and should open new developments in security for your phone - Apple Never Claimed It Was The First To Do This - GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

Apple uses a very extensive process to make sure the finish of the 5C is perfect and high quality - so do other phones - GET THE FUCK OVER IT

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The bottom line is that there is a new gadget. No one is forcing you at gunpoint to read the articles. No one has hooked into your brain forcing content into your mind. If you're seriously that bent, that frustrated, that upset that your precious website that is focused on gadgets and tech is focusing on this new device you need a new hobby and you need to focus on something important. There are people that want to read about the iPhone and see interesting comments and ideas without reading through "blah blah blah my phone is the second coming of Christ because [insert some feature here] and it's been available long before Apple"

Now, since Apple has clearly shown that they are breaking away from the traditional phones with new features, it'll be interesting to see what they do next.