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Where do the days of the week get their names from?

Where did the names for the days of the week come from? It came from the planets! Saturday is Saturn Day. Sunday is Sun Day. Monday is Moon Day. Tuesday is Mars Day. Wednesday is Woden’s Day (Mercury was his messenger). Thursday is Thor’s Day (Jupiter Day). Friday is Venus Day. Watch as Arika Okrent explains how the planets got translated into the names of the days we know now.


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Seneca the Younger(er)

Tuesday is Mars Day. Wednesday is Woden’s Day (Mercury was his messenger)...Friday is Venus Day.

No. Tuesday = Tir’s Day. Tir/Tyr/Tiw is not Mars, any more than Ra is Jehovah or Osiris is Jesus (close but no cigar). Mercury was the Roman analog of the Greek Hermes, not Odin/Wotan’s messenger. Odin is not Zeus. Venus is not Freya. Freya’s Day = Friday.

So all of this is bullshit. Norse naming of the days, dedicating those days to their Gods, predates the Roman influence of naming days after planets by a long, long time (the Nordic Bronze Age predates the Roman Age). This is just another misinterpretation of language and culture through the lens of modern Western civilization without taking into account the actual cultural histories involved.

What really chaps, me, though, more than some dipshit getting it wrong, is all the people who did not read Bullfinch’s Mythology, or Campbell, or any of the other great translators and hold those stories up to a timeline. This is grade school shit where I come from.