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Where's Motorola's Flagship Phone?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

That's Ed Zander, Motorola CEO drop testing a new Moto made with stronger materials. What else is he dropping?

Two things: First, I'm very glad to see Motorola reemphasizing their UI and OS development.

Secondly, it's also nice to see their ultra hyped "Media Monster" device, the z8, get interesting updates like the cable box programming, youtube uploads, and feature movies on chips. (BTW, that last one is doomed to fail, like PSP movies on Memory Sticks).


But remember, we've already seen this device at 3GSM in Barcelona. This isn't news; this is spin. As far as new phones go, the new ROKRz6 is a subvariant of the z8. If anything, the RAZR 2, previously unheard of before today, deserved the hype gathered around the event, too perfectly held a month after Moto's first quarter loss since 2004 was revealed a month ago.

But let's face it: Even with updated hardware and software, the RAZR2 is going to be perceived as merely another RAZR design evolution. Sure, it has significant updates to help keep it competitive. See all the posts we did today on it.
And no doubt reviewers will like these phones in the official reviews. But I also have no doubt that the same journalists and analysts will be sitting at the lunch table with their colleagues talking about how much Motorola needs a true flagship phone. The truth is this: If no one wants your high-end phones anymore, it's because your high-end phones look exactly like your low-end ones.


Motorola's loss was blamed on weaker demand for more expensive models. This report makes it sound like that's because people want low end phones like a $50 RAZR or $100 Q, but the truth is, back when the RAZR was unveiled and Moto's marketshare jumped, it was a highly coveted $500 device, not a low-end variant. You gave people something unique we all wanted to put in our pockets. Please do that again.

Note to Zander: Let your engineers build you your Blue Steel.