Where's Your Pagan God Now, Magic Trackpad?

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The alien autopsseurs over at iFixit pried the Magic Trackpad apart like Arthur pulling the sword from the stone. The big surprise? ...there weren't any. It does use the same touchscreen controller chip as the iPhone, however. What's that mean?


It means Apple is continuing their trend of reusing guts across multiple devices. For this trackpad, Apple also uses the same Bluetooth chip found in the Magic Mouse. In other words, other than a diminutive logic board, there are really no new electronics within the Magic Trackpad. With the right tools and enough Apple products, you probably could have Frankensteined the thing yourself.

What's that mean?

It means Apple is producing gear very cost effectively.

What's that mean?

You should be either glad that you own Apple stock or kicking yourself that you don't. [iFixit]


MAKE2 Mifune

Yeah, but it is "magical". You can't see magic, people!