Vibrator Company to Offer "Donald Discount" During Debate Tonight

Illustration for article titled Vibrator Company to Offer Donald Discount During Debate Tonight

Whether you love the Donald, hate him, or merely find him perplexing, he’s certainly a whiz at stimulating debate. Now he’s inspired vibrator-makers Crave to offer a 50% discount on all their designs, but ONLY while today’s primary debate is raging.


Use the code TrumpTrump at checkout to turn their negative feelings about the candidate into some very positive ones of your own. (All orders will ship week of Sept 21st, 2015.)

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MessO'Espresso is a noodle-bodied sloth

Ew. If I take advantage of this discount, every time I use I’d think of that radioactive pumpkin, and there goeth all my desire.