Which Actor Looks Most Like the Composite Sketch of Literature's Most Famous Pedophile?

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All of the descriptions of Humbert Humbert from Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita paint a creepily human picture of a pedophile. Especially when you plug those descriptions into the composite sketch software that cops use to nab perps. How does this computer-generated portrait compare with what you thought Humbert Humbert looked like?

Artist Brian Joseph Davis started a new Tumblr called The Composites in which he pulls the descriptions of famous (or infamous) characters from famous works of literature and dumps them into police composite sketch software to see what pops out. Davis used the following descriptions to produce a sketch of Humbert Humbert from Lolita:

Gloomy good looks… Clean-cut jaw, muscular hand, deep sonorous voice… broad shoulde … I was, and still am, despite mes malheurs, an exceptionally handsome male; slow-moving, tall, with soft dark hair and a gloomy but all the more seductive cast of demeanor. Exceptional virility often reflects in the subject's displayable features a sullen and congested something that pertains to what he has to conceal. And this was my case… But instead I am lanky, big-boned, wooly-chested Humbert Humbert, with thick black eyebrows… A cesspoolful of rotting monsters behind his slow boyish smile… aging ape eyes… Humbert's face might twitch with neuralgia.


To my eyes, the composite portrait looks a lot more like James Mason from Stanley Kubrick's 1962 adaptation of Lolita than Jeremy Irons from Adrian Lyne's 1997 version. Not sure I see the rotting monsters, but maybe those will come with the next upgrade.

Head over to The Composites to see sketches of Emma Bovary, Tom Ripley and more. [The Composites via Open Culture]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Dude, that composite is really freaking me out, it looks like he's staring directly at me! I'm too old for you man! Look at someone else!