Lately, I've been getting tons of complaints about asshole commenters. I'm not talking about the ones that disagree with others in a gruff way. Freedom of speech, and all. I'm talking about people who obviously have mental problems and like to take it out on the rest of us who frequent Gizmodo. I've been lax with the jerk-offs for a while, but the thing is, I have a much better time reading the site without the attention-needing idiots leaving attention-grabbing comments. I don't know about you, but if I had a guest over who shit on my carpet, I'd ask 'em to leave.

I have my own list of commenters who I'm watching carefully. But I'm most curious about what the majority of our readers—the intelligent, tech-smart, goodwilled ones—think about the worst of their peers.

I don't want a witch hunt. I'm not necessarily going to execute someone because their name appears on this list. But if there's a commenter you think isn't adding anything to the conversation, drop their name in the comments, with a link and quote to the offending words. I'll be reading closely.


And I'll start the comment thread.