Which Olympics App Is Right For You?

The Opening Ceremonies today mark the beginning of 17 full days of athletic awesomeness, live from the London Olympics. More than 10,000 athletes from 204 countries have descended on the city to compete in 26 sports spread out across 302 events. There are about as many apps that help you follow the games. Whether you're an avid fan of men's decathlon, you only want to see Usain Bolt beast another 100m dash, or you go nuts for all of the above, here's a guide to which ones are right for you.

I don't want to miss a second


NBC Olympics Live Extra: If you wanted to watch all 3,500 broadcast hours of the games, you could do it here. You can stream every single event from volleyball to archery in HD at up to 1080p. But you must be a cable subscriber. iOS/Android, Free

I just want the highlights


NBC Olympics: Maybe you don't exactly want to watch badminton. Try out this app, which will give you basic news and highlights for every sport. Pick the teams you want to follow, and know what's going on with all the major events. iOS/Android, Free

I want to know where and when everything is happening


Official London Results App: This is another basic app that will give you just the highlights. How many medals does Sweden have? Find out here. When is the next men's field hockey match? Find out here. iOS/Android, Free

I just want medal counts


Medals 2012: Don't care about the games, just the results? Here you can find out medal counts and only medal counts. When someone asks you how many silvers Brazil has won, you'll have the exact answer. iOS/Android (coming soon), Free

I just want the pictures


Reuters Olympics London 2012: Reuters has installed super high-tech cameras everywhere, so you can catch those photo finishes from an aerial view or underwater. And some of the most iconic sports images come out of the Olympics, so you don't want to miss those. iOS, Free

I only care about Team USA


2012 Team USA Road to London Olympics: The Olympics are awesome, but you might just want to focus on your own team. You can see stories from team USA throughout the games, with America-centric highlights from various competitions, as well as vignettes on select athletes or sports every day. iOS/Android, Free

I want very specific information delivered in a very specific way


IFTTT: Say you want to get an email every time Kazakhstan or you want to fly your country's flag as your Twitter avatar every time USA wins gold. There's a chance you're incredibly anal retentive. It's not an app itself, but by tapping into titles you probably already have, IFTTT's recipes show you exactly how to do all those crazy things. Web, Free

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