While You Were Sleeping...We Rocked the News

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You may still be recovering from Super Bowl festivities, but we were hitting up all of the big news that dropped overnight and early this morning. Wal-Mart became the first to offer digital movies from the 6 major studios, which is nice, but still unfortunate because it is Wal-Mart. Kodak introduced photo ink with some longevity and a handful of big, multifunction printers. The ink is capable of being archived for 100 years, but who cares about that—Kodak also announced a 50-percent price cut on ink cartridges. (How the hell do they test the archival life of photo ink anyway? DeLorean?) Sony Ericsson decided to release everything. Most notably was the official release of the w880 Walkman Phone, but don't forget about the K550, J110 & J120, K200 & K220 phones and the PC300 mobile broadband card that is capable of four flavors of wireless connectivity. You had me at hello, Sony Ericsson. Also, Fujitsu beat Apple and HP in the LED-backlit LCD race—Apple and HP probably didn't know they were even racing.



How do they test ink?

In one test I know of, they print several samples of ink to be tested. They put one away for comparison later. This one is called the Control Sample. They put some other samples of paper with the ink printed on it into a special light chamber that can simulate many days of light in a single hour. Because all of this intense light would normaly generate alot of heat, the air in the chamber is very precisely temperature and humidity controlled so that heat and humidity do not affect the sample only the light. Then after a few days they take the sample out and measure the color with a spectrograph and compare it to the unexposed control sample. Then by doing math that includes the known variables : how much light they gave the test sample and how much light an object normaly receives in a day under various conditions like, in an office or in a house,

they are then able to estimate how long the ink will last without fading.