Sony Ericsson's w880 Walkman Phone is Official: Details and Glamour Shots

It's officially here. The w880 is the latest evolution in Sony Ericsson's highly acclaimed line of Walkman phones. Here are the beauty shots that put the blurry spy photos to shame. The phone's stats include: A 9.4mm frame, 2mp cam, trackID music recognition software (like the W850). Colors include silver and orange/black. 18 hours of music life. And UMTS 2100, GPRS 900/1800/1900 make it officially quad band. Available in "selected markets" in q1 2007.

But enough blabbering. Click on through for the closeups.


Press release after the jump.

London, UK - 6th February 2007 - Sony Ericsson today announces two new Walkman® phones; the W880 and the W610 building on the success of hit-models such as the W810 and further broadens the phenomenally successful Walkman® phone line. Sony Ericsson also announces a suite of music accessories designed to further enhance the Walkman® phone listening experience. At just 9.4mm thin, the W880 is the slimmest Sony Ericsson phone yet and combines the full Walkman® phone experience with a device that fits easily into your pocket. The 1GB Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) provided in-box gives you room to store up to 900 full length tracks*, while the host of innovative music applications (such as Walkman® Player 2.0 & Disc2Phone) make it easy to transfer and search play lists for your favorite music tracks. All of this, plus a 2.0 megapixel camera, is packed into a UMTS phone that's as slim as a standard CD case.

The W610 Walkman® phone is all about the detail, whether in design that builds on the look of earlier Walkman® phones or the detailed combination of mobile music with a digital camera. The W610 stores up to 470 full-length music tracks* on the 512MB Memory Stick Micro™ (M2) provided in the box. It also offers the inventive TrackID™ music recognition application; a feature that lets you record a clip from the FM Radio and quickly receive a notification of the track name, artist and album±. Additionally a 2.0 megapixel camera with auto focus makes the W610 a wonderful fusion of phone, music player & digital camera.

"Our Walkman® phones have proven to be phenomenally attractive to our consumers - we have sold 20 million Walkman® phones since launch, and we are continuously developing our product portfolio to extend their appeal," says Steve Walker, head of global product marketing at Sony Ericsson. "The W880 and W610 show that the Walkman® phone can appeal to different lifestyles - the W880 is a hi-specification device that looks every bit as good as it sounds. And the W610 Walkman® phone combines the best in both music player and digital camera, while first and foremost remaining a phone that's intuitive and pleasurable to use."

The W880 represents a milestone in the Walkman® phone portfolio. Although without doubt one of the slimmest music phones, the true beauty of its design is seen in the brushed stainless steel finish and the stand-out color variants; either Steel Silver or Flame Black.

Of course, the W880 is about more than just good looks. The Disc2Phone music management software allows you to transfer your tracks easily and with no fuss from a PC straight to the phone. With Bluetooth™ Audio Streaming, all of that music can be enjoyed wirelessly on a Stereo Bluetooth™ Headset such as the HBH-DS970, or by streaming music directly to a home or car stereo (via the new Music Bluetooth™ Receiver MBR-100). Importantly for a music phone, all of this functionality has been introduced without having to compromise on battery life. The W880 delivers up to 18 hours music listening time & features a special flight mode for switching off your phone in mobile-prohibited environments.

The W880 Walkman® phone is a UMTS 2100 GPRS 900/1800/1900 music phone and will be available in selected markets from Q1 2007.

The W610 Walkman® phone is a fully specified music phone that does not compromise on its digital camera offering. As well as the 2.0 megapixel camera with auto focus, video recording and playback, the W610 provides a horizontal camera menu - so you can hold it as you would a regular camera when taking a picture - and a picture blogging facility for uploading photos directly to an online blog site. Switching back to the music credentials, the W610 includes an RDS FM Radio to brighten up the daily commute or trip to the gym. In fact, the only compromise with the W610 Walkman® phone is choosing between the two color options; will it be Plush Orange or Satin Black?

The W610 Walkman® phone is an EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 music camera phone and will be available in selected markets from Q2 2007.

The Perfect Musical Accompaniments

Sony Ericsson also announces 2 new music accessories that make your Walkman® phone a complete music listening center. Sony Ericsson's Bluetooth™ Music Receiver MBR-100 enables you to easily listen to the music on your phone in hi-fi sound quality. This discreet accessory streams music via Bluetooth™ from your phone straight to a home or car stereo, using the phone as a remote control to alter the volume or skip through tracks. The 3.5mm input or RCA cable provided fits most home or car hi-fi systems. The MBR-100 was announced in January 2007 and will be available from Q1 2007.

Of course, if you wish to share your tunes you can do this easily with Sony Ericsson's newest set of portable speakers, the MPS-70. Light on power as well as weight, these compact speakers plug into the phone, contain an FM antenna for improved radio reception and will also run off the phone's battery. Available from Q2 2007.


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