White Chocolate, KRZR Now Official: Whiter But Not Better

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Those traditionalists over at Verizon Wireless have seen fit to introduce a white version of the LG Chocolate(and Motorola KRZR K1m, but nobody cares about that). We've mentioned this earlier, but now the news comes directly from the Verizon gatekeepers. With a two-year contract, the white Chocolate will set you back $130 and the white K1m comes in at $200. Besides being a few shades lighter, the white Chocolate comes with firmware that enables speakerphone. When the LG Chocolate first shipped a few months ago, its speakerphone was woefully disabled by lame firmware.


According to ads plastered all over New York, the white Chocolate is available in stores now. Now if only the cellphone wasn't a piece of garbage...

LG White Chocolate Product Page [Verizon Wireless via Slashphone.com]

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