White House Tweets 'First Snow of the Year' On Same Day It Hits 70 Degrees in Washington D.C.

Photo: White House/Flickr

The White House tweeted out this photo last night, declaring “First snow of the year!” The tweet confused a lot of people, to say the least, largely because it didn’t snow at all in Washington, D.C. yesterday. In fact, it reached 70 degrees on Sunday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

Why did the Trump regime send out a tweet about the first snow of the year? One possibility is that they’re just lying to “own the libs” or something. But the other possibility is that they’re just a full week behind on their tweets.


The photo the White House tweeted out last night on January 12 is actually from January 7.

How do we know the photos is actually from January 7? The official White House Flickr account first published the photo over there. But even the caption for the photo on Flickr noted that it wasn’t just snow falling that day. There was also rain.

The North Portico of the White House is seen during a snow flurry Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 7, 2020, in a mix of snow and rainy weather in the Washington, D.C. area.


President Donald Trump lies so frequently that his bullshit barely makes the news anymore. But the Trump White House does have a strange habit of lying about the weather to fit its agenda. Most infamously, Trump once altered a weather map so that it was consistent with his lies.


Back in September, the nation was on edge as Hurricane Dorian was bearing down on states like Florida and the East Coast. But Trump strangely, claimed in a tweet that the hurricane might hit Alabama.

Then Trump held a news conference from the Oval Office with a map from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which the president had clearly drawn on with Sharpie to make the storm stretch to Alabama. It was a surreal sight.

Photo: AP

Later, we even learned that scientists at NOAA were pressured to keep their mouths shut about Trump’s fake weather report, and NOAA even released a statement saying that it disavowed a report from its own local agency which told residents of Alabama that they didn’t have to worry.


Hopefully, the country won’t be confronted with a military crisis that forces Americans to judge whether Trump is telling the truth. What’s that? We’re already living through just such a military crisis in Iran? Then we’re surely fucked, aren’t we?

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