White MacBooks Upgraded, Nearly Match Unibody Specs

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Despite all the fanfare about the new, upgraded unibody MacBooks, the old (polybody?) MacBooks are still on sale for $999. Thankfully, Apple has updated the base specs on our sad, white friend.


The upgrades aren't trivial either—now the old-style MacBook almost matches the unibody model, spec for spec. The processor is updated to the newer Core 2 Duo, the RAM to 2GB (though still DDR2), and most importantly the integrated graphics to Nvidia's 9400m unit.

In other words, the extra $300 you have to spend to get a unibody model gets you a nicer-looking laptop, slight bump in HDD space, faster RAM, a proprietary display port and not much else. From the glass-half-full perspective this does mean that for once, $999 is all you'll have to spend to get a perfectly capable, latest-gen MacBook. [Apple via Engadget]



Still happy with my White Macbook (Late 2006 model). It's kind of funny that we're in 2009 now and mine has the same 2.0ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2gb RAM, and 120gb HD.

I guess Moore was wrong. Shouldn't these have a 4ghz chip in them now?