Who Cares About Impossible Project's New Polaroid Film When They Sell These Amazing Jackets?

The Impossible Project, a cadre of fussy men who've managed to manufacture new film for Polaroid instant cameras, are open for business. Forget the film—check out these vintage factory jackets!


Okay, don't forget the film just yet. There's a wide range of cameras and film available at their online store, but it ain't cheap. A special-edition Polaroid ONE with a single pack of film costs $180. And despite that I was pretty hard on them in the past, I find myself inextricably drawn towards a purchase. (You can find a used Polaroid ONE on eBay for around $30, though, so don't feel like you've got to buy the new shiny one.)

If you've already have a Polaroid instant, you can buy film, accesories—even these super snazzy Polaroid factory jackets. If they weren't already sold out of X-Large, I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

Oh, nostalgia, you fickle temptress! I will placate myself with the dozens of camera applications on my iPhone that emulate old film stock just fine.

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