Who Gets Windows 7 RTM, and When?

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Microsoft released a more detailed timeline of exactly who will get Windows 7 RTM and when, and we're sure you're dying to know. But you better hope you're a bigshot if you want to be the first to grab it.


Independent software and hardware vendor partners will be able to snag a copy on August 6th, followed by Microsoft Partner Program Gold/Certified Members on August 16th. Microsoft Action Pack Subscribers will get it August 23rd, and OEMs will get it two days after Microsoft officially releases it to manufacturing. Business customers, IT pros, and devs will get it in late September and early October.

Here's what you guys care about: Beta testers and "enthusiasts." If you're a member of TechNet, you get it August 6th. If not, you'll have to wait until it hits retail on October 22nd. Microsoft reminds you that the RC will continue to function until March 1st, 2010. More details available on the Windows Team Blog. [Microsoft]



i feel bad for the people that bought vista...and winme (back in the day)....

they bought an upgrade that was only good for 2-3 years before getting dumped for something more polished....

i think 7 will be like the next xp...