Who’s the Brain Genius That Designed This Security Door? [Corrected]

Screenshot: amc724 (Reddit)

Companies invest a great deal of time, money, and resources optimizing their operations. But it appears whoever installed this particular security door put next to zero thought into the design.

The video was shared with Gizmodo by a Reddit user who claims they work as an Amazon Flex driver, and that the door is located in one of the company’s Dallas/Fort Worth-area Delivery Centers. It’s entirely possible that it’s another door at some other facility entirely—but what’s indisputable is just how bafflingly dumb this is.

Correction: Due to a dispute over the location of the door in the video, we’ve updated this article, including the headline, to reflect the conflicting information we’ve received. We have again reached out to the video’s creator for further information about the video’s location. We regret the error.


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