The owners of this 8-bedroom Victorian mansion in South London apparently had a knack for juxtaposing classic architecture and high tech goodies. Case and point: this meticulously detailed cockpit for would be astronauts in the attic.

Of course, it's not really a spaceship cockpit. It's a playroom that was custom-built for what I can only imagine were very happy, very spoiled children.

The rest of the house is no stranger to extravagance, either. Aside from the intimidating number of bedrooms, the Gothic mansion features a sprawling kitchen bathed in light, a lavishly decorated sitting room, an badass-looking game room, and a wine cellar (of course).

The only thing more handsome than the house itself is the yard. It's like a deleted scene from Downton Abbey out there. Which serves as a handy reminder that England's not necessarily old fashioned as it used to be. Not if you're rich anyways.


The asking price for this suburban home is $5.3 million. So not quite as much as a real spaceship. What a steal. [Technabob]