Whoever Writes Comcast's Movie Descriptions Is a Genius

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This astute synopsis of Lindsay Lohan's ultra-meta pièce de résistance isn't a fluke—no, over at Comcast, movie summarization has been elevated to an artform. That, or their whole staff has a raging pill habit. Either way!


WTF Comcast started collecting Comcast's best synopsis work about a week ago, and they've already unearthed a treasure trove of top-rate film criticism, thinly disguised as Tweet-length cable box blurbery. My favorites:

As a Time Warner customer, I have to say I feel cheated. Comcast, or whatever subcontractor they're buying this stuff from: Give this (wo?)man a raise. [WTF Comcast]


UPDATE: Deadspin sheds some light on the source of Comcast's listings.

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The Ghost of James Madison's Rage Boner

I guarantee you this is flying under the radar, and no one in any sort of position of authority has noticed this.

Trust me on this one—the studios who license these films take a very dim view of this sort of thing. They have no sense of humor about their IP being mocked. None. Zero.

Someone is about to lose their job.