These Whoomp earbud enhancers make your ordinary iPod earbuds kick some serious ass. In case you missed them when when they were rolled out a couple of months ago, we wanted to show them to you because they're an improvement on Griffin's EarJams (some evocative imagery in that name; at least they didn't name them EarCheeses). Snap these Whoomps onto your iPod earbuds and suddenly you're dealing with an in-the-ear design, rattling your skull with jaw-jarring bass.


We're big fans of Griffin's EarJams, astonished at the increased fidelity you can get with a good seal in your ear canal. How do Whoomps improve on Griffin's design?

They take that idea a step further with their soft "Comply" foam tips that are pliable and comfy, molding themselves to the unique shape of your ears. Plus, you get a choice of earpiece sizes, offered in a package of two pairs of either large or small Whoomps, or a pair of each size, for $19.95. Good deal, because you only get one pair of EarJams from Griffin for that same price.

Whoomp. I like that name. Ari Gold from Entourage and Steve Jobs should start saying that instead of "Boom." Whoomp!


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