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There's a lot of weird knick-knacks out there that the moment you see them, you think 'How has someone not done that before!?'. I'm not entirely sure a mug in the shape of Thor's legendary hammer Mjolnir is one of those things.


No worthiness is necessarily required to lift this mug so Asgardian saints and sinnners alike can help themselves to a drink from it, although it is apparently non-microwaveable or dishwasher safe. Which for a product made to look like a night unbreakable hammer capable of literally levelling mountains, kinda sucks. Sure, smashing mountains, great. Couple of minutes in the microwave to reheat your tea? Good god, no thank you.

What confuses me most about this is the handle. How are you meant to even hold that? I mean, you can't grip it as you would a hammer, unless you want to pour hot drinks all over yourself. Do you hold the grip between fingers or something? Is the strap meant to offer some kind of leverage, or do you grip that piece like it's a Lego person's mug? These are the things that keep me awake at night, obviously.


If you're interested in a Mjolnir mug of your own, it'll be out in February of next year for $16.

[Entertainment Earth]

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