Why Can't Siri Help Me Be Less of a Drunk Dialing Schmuck?

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So I find this clip of the Ellen Degeneres show. Some dude in the audience gets down on a knee, pops the question to his girlfriend, and she says no. He's f*cking crushed and, I figure, will need a drink or 17 before the evening is over. But, as any recently dumped individual knows, the worst thing you can do in this situation is get historically slammed and drunk dial your freshly-ex'd. And that got me to thinking.

Wouldn't it be cool if Siri could lock out certain phone numbers and contacts for set periods of time—like the timed safes that banks use? You know, prohibit the phone from dialing or receiving calls between now 11am day-after-tomorrow for a specific person, number or area code. That way you'd be able to go tie one on without fear of making an even bigger ass out of yourself. Though, to be fair, getting dumped on national television is a tough act to follow.


Why do you think? What other "real-world useful" features should Siri be able to do once it gets out of Beta?