Why Did a Peeping Tom Hide Inside the Toilet of a Porta Potty?

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Police are looking for a man in Boulder, CO who hid inside the toilet (er, cesspool) of a porta potty and spied on people while they handled their business. He was apparently covered by a tarp and a complete lack of hygiene.

The filthy peeping tom was discovered when a woman went to the restroom and heard movement from inside the tank. When another person confirmed her suspicions, they got an event security guard to wait outside the porta potty to detain the pooping tom (the door had locked from the inside). But when the man came out (shirtless, covered in feces and barefoot), he managed to resist capture and fled the scene.


What in the holy hell? How did he manage to get himself inside the tank of a porta potty? Since witnesses claimed he was very tall, he must've been also very skinny to fit inside the hole of the toilet. I imagine he'd go feet first and then wiggle his shoulders in. What was the guy's end game? Witnesses said he was a transient so maybe he wanted a warm place to sleep? Maybe he was collecting test data on stools? Maybe he didn't have a sense of smell? Or maybe he's just a sick bastard. [Reuters, Image Credit: Shutterstock/Nicholas de Haan]