Why Did OS X Leopard's iChat Lose the Star Wars R2D2 Video Effect?

Illustration for article titled Why Did OS X Leopards iChat Lose the Star Wars R2D2 Video Effect?

The R2D2 iChat Video fx is not making it to final build, according to what Apple told us this morning. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I'm upset, but my girlfriend thanks you for saving her from hours of Princess Leia impressions over iChat. Drop your petition signatures / curses / cries / conspiracy theories in the comments.

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As much as I'm disappointed this won't make it into the final Leopard build (I'm as nerdy a SW fan as the next guy)...

"What is up with Apple and their "new" apps these days...when did upgrade = downgrade to crappier version."

Give me a break. Since when did the Tiger iChat have this effect? And even IF the Tiger iChat did have this effect and it's gone in Leopard, it counts as a DOWNGRADE, despite all the other improvements in the app.?

Jeezus, dude. You really need to get your computing priorities straightened out.