Why do people still wait in line for the new iPhone?

Why do these people still wait in line to buy a new iPhone? Or a new console? Or a new game? What's the point? Do they think they're going to be more special than the rest of the world for 24 hours? A week perhaps? This video tries to get some answers.


Ultimately, however, it doesn't really get any. Because there are no good answers for this. All of them are stupid.

I can understand someone getting paid to wait in line—barely, because they get paid peanuts for their time. I can also understand that some want to make some money by selling the stuff to idiots willing to paid extra to have it a few days before the rest of the world. But everyone else? What the hell are they doing there?

The iPhone, the next Xbox, the next Samsung Galaxy, the next Playstation, GTA V... all these things are widely available, even if they can get sold out the first day. After that, new units will keep coming like a infinite explosive diarrhea of metal, glass, and plastic, straight from China's fat industrial ass.

Can you, dear idiots, just wait for a few days? How is early access to these stupid things going to change your life? It just doesn't make any sense.