Why Does America Hate Tron Guy So Hard?

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The Tron Guy is an internet staple, much like email and horrific pornography. He's an odd fellow, but he's singular, and damnit, isn't that what this great country is all about? Apparently not. America's Got Talent booed him off stage.

Jay "Tron Guy" Maynard, admittedly, should have appeared with a better act than just standing on stage talking about being Tron Guy (Suggestions: juggling Light Cycles, Al Pacino impression, running around flailing his arms making Tron noises). So it's understandable that people might have been a little disappointed.


But the hatred dumped on him from both judges and audience alike is deplorable. Most of the people on America's Got Talent are either mediocre break dancers, Mariah Carey ripoffs, or some awful hybrid of the two. For Christ's sake, the host is Nick Cannon, who is only still in my faint memory as having married Mariah Carey a while ago, and I think he was in Drumline.

So cut Tron Guy some slack. He might not have talent in the traditional sense of the word, but he's special. Very special. So very, very special. It takes guts to appear before a national audience in a homemade sci-fi camel toe suit and make a horse's ass of yourself. Perhaps he looked foolish. But the real foolishness? Booing at a man whose only crime is loving Tron to a perhaps unsettling degree. Let's never forget that our Tron Guys are national treasures—far more than whatever nobody wins America's Got Talent.