Why Does This Apple iBook Have a Microsoft BSOD?

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So there's this commercial on TV right now for some computer maintenance service with technologically-inept people frustrated over their crappy, virus-laden, machines. At one point an iBook even flashes a BSOD...wait, what?


Oh, the joys of low budget commercials and oblivious ad men! If El Jobso saw this, he would be furious! Plus, they show the iBook running Windows XP. OK, so it's not the end of the world to not know that BSODs only happen on machines that can run Windows (some might even take pride in it). Still, Don Draper would never let this happen.

And if that's not enough for you, there countless other ridiculous parts, such as an angry, snotnosed gamer reminiscent of Angry German Kid, and a middle-aged, corporate suit who speaks about his computer in the same way as his failing marriage. You should really just watch it.

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For those saying that this isn't an iBook, it is. It has the identical two-tone of the bottom case assembly, and because the power button is white and the casing around the keyboard is grey, it does stand out like that. As for the argument that it has no branding on it: There's no branding anywhere. That's why it has a fake "EMAIL" website, no recognizable video game and so forth. Powerbooks get touched up in commercials so that all you see is the case design, but nothing else to indicate that it's an Apple computer. The "iBook G4" moniker is covered up/removed, as well as the Apple logo. It's cheaper to just debrand a current system than to build a totally new knockoff.