GoPros on helmets, GoPros on chests, it's all been done before. But what about attaching a full fledged DSLR to your chest? Photographer Justin Olsen created this chest mounted DSLR rig for taking pictures while mountain biking so he could take in-action photos.


Olsen talked about his custom rig with PopPhoto and said that he experimented with hanging a DSLR around his neck and just sticking it through his jacket but realized he needed the set up to be more secure. So Olsen took his idea to a sewing shop and was able to get a special vest that could house the camera and keep it tight inside the harness. It doesn't move! Not even when he's biking like a mad man.

Olsen uses a 15mm fisheye with a Canon 1D Mark III and 5D Mark II and uses a remote shutter so he can snap the shots without having to release the handlebar. Check out Olsen's pictures at his site. [Justin Olsen via Pop Photo]

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