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As you most probably noticed this weekend and yesterday, Gizmodo—and all the Gawker sites—went down in flames for a couple of days. We are now back at full power, and have a pretty accurate idea of what happened.


It was a Distributed Denial of Service attack—aka DDoS:

A Distributed Denial of Service attack is, simply put, like two or 10 people hitting refresh on Gawker millions of times a minute. Obviously, this is not a hack for the faint hearted (or unskilled). Sometimes it's one person, others it's multiple. Sometimes the damage is temporary, others it is permanent.


We don't know who did it and why, but we know it was targeted at one of Gawker's former properties: Consumerist—which is not loading at the time—a site that defends people against corporations' abuse. It seems that some company or group of individuals decided to use to dirty tactics to attack them. Anyone has any tips about who that may be? [Gawker via mediabistro via Twitter]

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