Why Haven't You Cancelled Your Cable?

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Today the FCC voted to “effectively allow cable companies to charge whatever they like for all broadcast TV” — which is a shitty move. Most things about cable companies, the most hated of industries in terms of customer satisfaction, are terrible. Have you cut your cord or are you still wired in?


It’s become a cliche — especially in New York City — to roll one’s eyes at a cable box and proclaim, “I don’t even own a television.” I’m guilty of it. The truth is that I miss cable sometimes: the endless variety of channels, live news, the comfort of always having Something On. I miss watching The Daily Show without hassle most of all.

But there are enough options with my Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions (this reminds me to cancel Hulu+, which I never use) to keep me distracted. If you have a fast internet connection, you have access to an abundance of streaming media — no Time Warner or Comcast intermediary required.

So why do you still keep your cable? And if you’re cable-free, what does your media setup look like?

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By cutting the cord, are we just referring to the TV part? Most of us are still stuck paying a cable company for our Internet connections, right?

Oh, and then my cable company (Comcast) jacks up the price of the Inet connection portion of my bill if I cancel the TV part because they say I’m getting a reduced “bundle” rate, which is just code for “We’ll jack up the price of one of your services if you try to cancel the other.”