Why I Shouldn't Have Named My iPod "Unicorn Princess"

If America isn't about the small startup company, then it's about fast food and monster trucks. We're going with small startup. IpodNames.com is a new site where you can register the name of your iPod for a dollar, along with its location and music preference.

For instance, my iPod is named Unicorn Princess. She's a feisty Virgo from Chicago who enjoys rocking out to soft country rock and Beethoven's Greatest Hits. Once in a while she'll relax in a tub with some smooth jazz, munching on bonbons while crying about the ticking time bomb that is her biological clock. All she really wants is a Nano - or even a Shuffle to call her own. Look, I just don't want kids....not right now. They are just too much responsibility and I really want to hit up Rome and Tokyo without the screaming strollers and formula, ok? And let's face it; neither of us are going to want a Nano five years from now. There, I said it. It's out there and we both have to deal with it.



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